Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fish Welfare Survey

Miriam Sullivan from the the University of Western Australia is studying the welfare of aquarium fish. She's conducting a survey on the topic to better understand people's attitudes and practices when it comes to pet fish keeping. It is a topic that really deserves more attention, and we here at Fish School commend Miriam on her fine work. We encourage all of our readers to fill out the survey - it only takes a couple minutes.

I hope Miriam can help change the general public's sad indifference towards the welfare of fish, both in home aquariums and in the wild, as exemplified by this week's tragic defeat of an effort to save the majestic and endangered bluefin tuna. Land animals (like polar bear) are treated badly enough when protection might inconvenience people or impede commerce, but when fish are being exploited or abused, their welfare ranks far below land animals, almost as if they don't count at all.


P.S. This is the 200th post to the Fish School blog. Quite a milestone - thanks for reading!

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