Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fish Trainer of the Day

I want to get a shout out to Mary and her efforts training her goldfish Blaze. Mary is an animal trainer, and blogs at her website Stale Cheerios. Here latest effort involves training Blaze to swim under a decorative bridge in his tank using the R2 Fish School Training Kit. She, like a few other serious fish trainers, is using a flashing light as a bridge signal to cue the behavior. Watch the video below. Great job Mary and Blaze!



Mary H. said...

Thanks for featuring Blaze on the blog, Dean!

We've really enjoyed the R2 fish training kit.


Md. Mohi Uddin said...

Amazing blog! I should follow.

Life under the blue water

Sue said...

The light is indeed a bridge signal, a.k.a. a conditioned reinforcer, that tells the animal precisely when they have performed the behavior for which they are going to get a treat. It is not used to cue a behavior! It's used to mark a behavior that's correct.

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