Monday, February 23, 2009

BBC "Animals At Work" Segment

Comet and I have done quite a few TV segments, but I have to say this one for the BBC TV Show Animals At Work is by far the most amusing. I think it is so much fun because it features my two kids, Kyle and Kendall, being their goofy selves. Best of all, it shows Comet doing all 9 of his tricks.

Check it out and tell us what you think!



Mary H. said...

How cool! They did a really good job of showing all the tricks and explaining a bit (like about the feeding wand)

By the way, comet looks huge in this video!


DP said...

Thanks Mary,

Glad you liked it. Comet is getting pretty large. Probably about 4 inches long now. But they did so some cool extreme closeups that made him look even bigger.

Take care!


Dylan said...

neat! did you ever think about tennis? there can be a net and comet has to push the ball over the net!
hope he gets the record,