Friday, December 5, 2008

LA Times: "The craziest pet stuff on the Web"

Fish School made the "Home & Garden" section of the Los Angeles Times, one of the nation's largest newspapers. It was part of a story called The Craziest Pet Stuff on the Web, that also included a doggie treadmill (for people to lazy to walk their dog outside) and wigs for cats. Only those crazy folks in California would buy wigs for cats. Pet fish training though is not so crazy :-).

They included a nice picture of Comet shooting a soccer goal. Pretty cool!



Mary H. said...

Very cool!

I recently ran across your fish videos on youtube and was delightfully surprised and very impressed.

Way to get the word out there that animals are much smarter than we often give them credit for!

I'm just curious, do you use a conditioned secondary reinforcer when you train (such as a clicker, whistle or flash of light)?

Also, do you know, do goldfish have color vision? How good is there eyesight?


DP said...


I don't personally use a secondary reinforcer, but over on the "Fish School Forum", it is a fairly frequent topic of discussion, and folks have in fact succeeded in training fish to respond on cue using a colored light as a secondary reinforcer.

You can check out the forum off the link on the main site.

Thanks for your question!