Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fish School on Supreme Master TV!

The show "Animal World" on international satellite broadcast station Supreme Master TV aired a segment called "Albert Einsteins of the Fish School: Exploring Fish Intelligence with Dr. Dean Pomerleau" today. The show was about 20 minutes long, and featured Comet, Kyle and yours truly. It was quite an eclectic show, and it was strange to see subtitles ringing the video in English, Chinese, Aulac, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Portuguese Malay, and Korean. As you can see from the snapshots below, it was quite a busy screen!

The network's motto is near and dear to my heart - "Go Veg, Be Green, Save the Planet!" The interview focused a lot on animal compassion, animal intelligence, and my own vegan way of life. A refreshing change from the other interviews we've given.

Update: If you'd like to see the segment you can watch it here!


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