Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Trained Fish as Actors

Anyone interested in fish training, has simply got to check out the Freshwater Pearls Puppetry bubbleblog about the new show they are creating called the The Ugly Guppy. It is a remake of the classic Ugly Duckling story, using trained fish as actors. It is extremely cute.

They are using the R2 Fish School Kit to train their two gorgeous Goldfish, Ricky and Mango, to play the staring roles. There is an amazing amount of creativity they are putting into the show, and I'm so proud that the kit is helping to facilitate it. Ricky (who reminds me of one of my own goldfish, Albert Einstein) is already well on his way to playing the piano, and turning in circles on cue, as you can see from the videos on the bubbleblog.

I can't wait to see the final production! We're lucky that the lead trainer has joined us on the Fish School Forum to keep us update on their progress. If you've got any questions, I'm sure she'd be happy to answer them on the forum.


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