Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Upstaged by My Trained Fish

Yesterday afternoon, I got a call from the producer at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. They were all set to fly me to Los Angeles for tonight's show, until I told them that Comet doesn't travel - even if he survived, he'd be so stressed by the journey and the new tank that he wouldn't perform.

That dampened their enthusiasm dramatically. I offered to fly out alone and use recorded video of Comet. No dice. They wanted Comet live in the studio or they weren't interested. Its a bummer to be upstaged by your fish.

I told him we're selling the R2 Fish School Kit to customers in the LA area, so we should soon have trained fish nearby who could be on the show.

Maybe we should have a contest among customers to see who's fish gets to be on TV!


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