Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Skeptic Changes His Mind

As you might imagine, when people first hear about it, they are often skeptical that fish can actually be trained. They think the whole Fish School thing is a hoax. And who can blame them? Fish aren't thought very highly of, in general.

Writer Daniel Sung from Yahoo in the UK was just such a skeptic when he saw the video of Comet in action, and he said as much on his Yahoo Column today. He said:

"Goldfish are rubbish. Tranquil enough to look at, I suppose
but they do absolutely nothing, or so I thought..."
But he changed his mind when he visited the R2 Fish School website, and our sister Fish School website.

Given all the incontrovertable evidence he saw, he couldn't help but recognize and acknowledge that fish training is for real. Looks like we may have another customer. Welcome Daniel!


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