Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pittsburgh Nightly News

This evening Kyle and I did a brief on-camera interview live from our basement for our local TV news station WTAE Pittsburgh. It was very nerve wracking - trying to talk live on camera while hoping Comet would do the limbo in the 45 seconds he as on camera. He came through like a real trooper, and we thought the whole piece came out very well. Watch it and judge for your self.

The best part was that Kyle was the hero of the neighborhood when the satellite truck pulled into our driveway and telescoped out its antenna to do the broadcast. From the trail of kids following it through they neighborhood you'd have thought it was the ice cream truck, not a TV truck!

And don't forgot - for all you insomniacs out there, tonight at a little past 1am Eastern time, I'm scheduled to do a 15 minute radio interview with George Noory on Coast-To-Coast.

Check the list of local affiliates for the station nearest you. With 500+ affiliates across the US and Canada, there is bound to be a station near you!

The adventure continues...


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