Tuesday, May 6, 2008

One Insane Day

Today at Fish School was quite literally insane! But in a good way. I did at least five interviews. I'm not exactly sure - I quite literally lost track along the way.

It started out at 6am. I was busy training Comet when the phone rang. It was MIX-FM from Toronto. I did a brief live interview for their morning show. Then later in the morning I did a really fun interview with Ichabod and the Waking Crew from KMPS radio in Seattle. You can listen to the streaming audio of the KMPS segment. The best part was the name the called me by "Fish Whisperer". I like that :-).

After that it all start to get blurry. In rapid succession I did 3 (or maybe 4) back-to-back interviews with BBC radio and other UK stations. Unfortunately they were so close together that I missed the BBC Scotland interview while I was talking to BBC UK!

I got a call from my local newspaper (Pittsburgh Tribune Review), and sent them video and did a phone interview for tomorrow's paper.

Then things really started to get exciting.

The TV show Inside Edition. They asked for high res video, which we sent and they used in a short "human interest" story at the tail end of the show.

But most exciting of all, we got a call in the midst of all this activity from Good Morning America. They had a teaser with our promotional video this morning, and will be doing a longer segment sometime between 7:30 and 7:50am (EDT) tomorrow morning. They sent a film crew to my house this afternoon, and shot Comet, Kyle and me showing what Comet can do, and talking about fish training. They'll supplement that footage with a live phone interview. Be sure to tune in!

I'm just starting to catch my breath. It has been a very wild ride, and we're just getting started.


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