Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Good Morning America

The big press event for the day was the segment on Good Morning America. They filmed at our house last night, and called me this morning to do a live interview over the phone with Diane Sawyer. Unfortunately the show was running behind, and they said they were forced to bump us "until some future date," apologizing but telling me "that is the way it goes with live TV sometimes."

You can't imagine how disappointed we were when they hung up.

But then something amazing apparently happened on the set of the show. Diane and the other on-air personalities literally started a protest with the producer during the commercial break, lobbying to do the trained fish story!

So they called back and we did the story shortly after 8am Eastern Time. It turned out great! Check out the backstory and video from Good Morning America. Didn't Kyle and Comet look cute!?

Something else worked amazingly well too. Notice that at the exact same time I'm explaining live on the phone that my favorite trick is fetch, they are showing the fetch video the crew recorded at our house yesterday. Total (but very fortunate) coincidence!

It was a lot of fun for Kyle and I to do the show. We hope you enjoy it!


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