Sunday, May 11, 2008

Europe - A Step Ahead

It seems there has been at least a much recent interest about our pet fish training successes coming from Europe, and especially the UK, as there has been in the US. Perhaps it is because Europeans are a step ahead of us here in the US when it comes to animal rights and animal welfare. Here is an informative article from the Houston Chronical on the topic of animal rights in Europe. One quote I like was in regard to a new set of laws in Switzerland that protects lots of different animals, including fish:

"Under the Swiss law, anglers will have to take lessons on how to catch fish in a compassionate manner. Pet fish owners will have to provide aquarium lighting that maintains the natural cycle of day and night."

As I've discussed before here and here, my hope is that by demonstrating that fish are sentient creatures that can learn, people all over the world, but especially the United States, with begin to treat both wild and pet fish with more compassion.


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