Monday, May 5, 2008

Amazon Reviews!

It has been a very busy and incredibly exciting last few days here at Fish School, as we've ramped up sales of the new R2 Fish School Training Kit on Amazon. The response from our first customers has been incredible. We've had three reviews of the product so far on Amazon, and each have given it 5-stars!

Check out this quote from Helix Fairweather, a colleague and a member of the faculty at Karen Pryor's Animal Training Academy:

"I just received my R2 Fish School Training Kit and I just LOVE it! These folks have thought of *everything* - retrieval tools, feeding wand, various hoops and tunnels and fetch rings too! The items are all made with really nice sturdy quality. I think this is a really nice set up for those of us learning to train a fish. Thank you, R2 Fish School!" - Helix Fairweather

And how about this one from someone who goes by the name Betta Lover:

"The parts are very well made and well engineered. I recommend this product to any fish lover...its also great for kids - educational & fun. My son can't wait to participate in our nightly training sessions!" - Betta Lover

But my personal favorite is this newest review from Richard "Army" Maquire, are professional animal trainer with 35 years of experience training elephants and exotic animals:

"Got the training kit and think it is pure genius... I agree with the other reviews that this kit is complete and was put together with real some real indepth thought behind it. The DVD is so easy to follow and the pieces almost self explainatory in the way they snap together... This kit is super for parents just wanting to interact with their children. The kit would be wonderful also for teachers wanting an in classroom project. If you want a fun productive, interactive, and worthwhile training tool this is it.It is not just for kids... Do not be surprised if you see this in the Sea World gift shops soon." - "Army" Maguire

I can't tell you how gratifying these reviews are. They nearly brought a tear to my eye. We've worked so hard over the last year with the folks at R2 to put together a great product. To see it getting such a positive response from experts like this is really wonderful. It makes it all worthwhile.

If you guys are reading this - thanks, and happy fish training!


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