Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wrasse Trained to Know Its Chow Time!

Here is a story from this month's Practical Fishkeeping magazine about a humphead wrasse named Bentley at the UK National Aquarium. Bentley was trained to enter a small holding tank off his main tank for food at the sound of a gong:

“Bentley has learned and remembers that he will be rewarded with food when he swims into the holding pool,” said Dr Phil Gee of the University of Plymouth. “The longer he stays, the more he gets.”
Sounds like positive reinforcement, just like the technique we've developed to train pet fish at home. And like fish trained using our Fish School training techniques, Bentley was able to remember what he learned for an extended period without additional training:
“Work on Bentley's tank meant we had a four month gap in his training, yet when it was resumed earlier this month he remembered exactly what to do,” said Dr Gee.
Here was a good quote from the article:
“We're learning more about fish every day and they are not the cold, slimy, brainless creatures many people still believe them to be.”
We here at Fish School couldn't agree more!


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