Monday, February 11, 2008

State of Emergency!

It has been a dramatic day at Fish School headquarters in Gibsonia, PA today. Extreme winds blew down several trees, and our entire neighborhood has been plunged into darkness for more than five hours now. Times are desperate - I've been reduced to logging in with laptop and cell phone modem.

Not only is it windy here but it is extremely cold, 10 degF. Fortunately we people are able to keep warm next to our gas fireplace, but the temperature in Comet and Brainiac's tank has dropped quickly.

Resourcefully, we've heated tank water on our gas stovetop, and are keeping the tank temperature within the fishes' comfort zone. So our priceless fish are just fine for now. But needless to say, the webcam is off-line, and will be until power is restored.

Epilogue: That was yesterday and last night. The power came back on this morning at 5:30. The fish were a bit chilled, but no worse for wear. The webcam is back on-line.


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