Friday, February 1, 2008

Feeding Wand

In a comment to this post, Diane asked about the feeding wand that comes with soon-to-be-available R2 Fish School Training Kit. The feeding wand is the cornerstone of training system we've developed. Its springloaded mechanism (see pictures) allows the human trainer to deliver food reward in a very targeted fashion - to a specific fish exactly when and where he performs a trick. This allows very tight and direct association between a behavior and the payoff for the fish. As a result, your fish will learn new tricks very quickly.

The kit includes a pre-assembled wand that is 12" long, perfect for shallow tanks of 10gal or less. I said the kit also comes with extension pieces to increase the wand to 19", great for deeper tanks like 20gal and 55gal.

I told Diane she won't be disappointed!



Anonymous said...

Hi, I think it's really cool what you do, i first saw you on animals at work, and i was shoked but also impressed, me and my brother have even tried doing it with our goldfish, and we are getting there. This has really inspired me to do more with my fish. Keep up the good work :)

Bye. Anonymous.

Andy said...

I life in the Netherlands and I can't buy a feeding wand that easy (no creditcard:s:p). How can you make youre own feeding wand, or when are you planning to sell this stuff in Europe?

DP said...

Hi Andy,

We're working on a version of the Fish School kit that will be available in Europe soon. But in the meantime, you might be able to get a similar functionality to the feeding wand using certain highlighter pens, that open a compartment when you click to open them. Here is a version available in the US:

I'm not sure if these are available in the Netherlands.

Good Luck!


Raluca said...

I would very much like such a kit for Christmas, but I live in Romania. How soon will the kit be available in Europe?
P.S. We've never thought of something like this until we came across your video this evening. Amazing!

shashank said...

is ther e any other way to feed the fish like with a straw or something

if yes then how

DP said...


When we first started, we tried finding 'off the shelf' solutions to a feeding want - even trying things like 'pill injectors' for giving medicine to cats & dogs, as well as retractable highlighters with a compartment that opened when you pushed on the button at the top. None of them worked well at all.

We fashioned our original feeding wand (and sold a few) using a gadget we fashioned out of two nested drinking straws, a fat one which we got from Starbucks and a narrow one we got from McDonalds. The McDonalds one happened to perfectly slide inside the Starbucks one. But even once I got good at it, it still took my 1/2 our to build, and that doesn't include the time spent running around getting the parts, which in addition to the two straws, included thumbtacks, plastic toothpicks, a rubber band, and a glue gun.

So in short, you can deliver food to the surface of the water through a drinking straw, but delivering food rewards to your first at a specific point below the surface, at the precise moment he does a trick, isn't possible with anything I've found besides the feeding wand that comes with the kit.

If anyone knows another way, I'd love to hear about it!


Founder and Chief Fish Trainer
Fish School, Inc.

Kimber said...

Is there any way to purchase the feeding wand by itself? Thanks!

DP said...

Yes. Search for "R2 Target Feeder" and you'll see many on-line sources for the feeding wand.

Good luck!


Founder & Chief Fish Trainer
Fish School, Inc.

luis angel said...

hi do i feed fish on a normal schedue when i feed him with the trining wand?

DP said...


Yes - you can start by feeding your fish on a normal schedule, but with the feeding wand rather than just dropping the food in the tank.

Good luck!


Bettaownerandlover said...

You guys should make it so that you can buy an individual feeding wand by itself, because that is what I'm looking for and cant find it anywhere, so if you could do that, it would be great.