Monday, January 14, 2008

Training Partners

As I talked about in this post, I reunited Comet and Brainiac yesterday, upgrading them both to a 20gal tank. I trained them last night and this morning in their new home. It is a much bigger world for them, and I was a bit nervous they'd be too distracted to do their tricks.

But I'm happy to report that both are adjusting well and performing their tricks in the new tank. At first, Comet was reluctant to do the tricks requiring the platform, but he did the hoop, tunnel and chimney just as well as he was doing in his old tank. And he eventually remembers the platform tricks, including soccer and football too.

Brainiac, who up to now I've only trained to swim through the hoop, at first was a bit overwhelmed and intimidated by all Comet's shenanigans. But he too got into the act after a little while.

Here are a few photos I snapped of the dynamic duo, and a video of Comet teaching Brainiac the hoop. You can see I started the hoop bigger than Comet can handle, to give Brainiac (who's a bit plumper) a chance too!

I really like the photo of Brainiac watching intently as Comet swims up through the Chimney.

After watching Comet for a little while, Brainiac figured out he could get a reward from the feeding wand if he nudged the soccer ball. Of course, he started nudging it the wrong way - but I rewarded him anyway. He's got to start somewhere!

How about the picture of Brainiac chasing Comet has he pushes the football through the 'air' (actually water). Its as if they are on the same team, and Brainiac is trying to block for his buddy Comet. :-).
Of course both of them are going the wrong way - in the opposite direction of the goal posts! Crazy fish.

Note: all the equipment pictured is part of the new R2 Fish School Training Kit, scheduled to be in stores soon!


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