Sunday, January 13, 2008


It was a big day for Comet and Brainiac, our two trained goldfish.

They've been in separate 10-gallon tanks for several months now, while each served as enthusiastic 'guinea pig' during the development and testing of the new R2 Fish School Training Kit. We've found that fish learn better during the early stages of training if temporarily sheltered from distractions, like other fish and tank decorations.

I decided today that both fish are now doing so well in Fish School that it was time to reunite them. So I tranferred them both into a shared 20-gal tank. At first, exploring their new, bigger home, seemed to fully occupy the attention of both fish. They swam around the tank, picking at the red gravel, exploring the plastic plants, treasure chest and Easter Island statue decorations. They seemed to completely ignore one another for a little while.

But soon they noticed each other, and quickly resumed their friendship right where it had left off several months ago. They look very cute together - as you can see from these photos. Sort of like Mutt and Jeff, or for the younger crowd, Ren and Stimpy :-).

As I write this, they are happily swimming side-by-side around their bigger habitat, like courting school kids. Don't believe me? See for yourself on the Fish School webcam.

We'll see tonight how well they perform the tricks they've learned. Be sure to tune in at 9pm Eastern time tonight to see if they'll be distracted by each other and the new tank, or instead will want to impress each other by showing off what they've learned!


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