Friday, January 11, 2008

New R2 Training Kit - Ready to Go!

We received very encouraging words today from Steve, the lead engineer at R2 Solutions who we're working on to design the new R2 Fish School Training Kit. He received the complete sample kit from the manufacturer. He's going to send me a sample so I can do a final verification with Comet, but it appears to him that the kit is complete and ready to go!

As a sneak peak, here are a couple pictures of kit, all packed up in the box and ready to ship. Notice the pictures of Comet on the outside? You can just make out the soccer goal towards the top right of the box interior, and the bundle of slalom poles on the left side. We're very proud, and very excited!



Anonymous said...

Hi, Dean ~

Will the feeding wand in the new kit be longer than the old one? I am training goldfish for puppet show acting, and I want to feed them lower down in the tank. (My Ryukin, Ricky, will ultimately be trained to "play the piano.")



Dr. Dean Pomerleau said...

Hi Diane,

Funny you should ask. We're just finalized the wand length - actually lengths, as there will be an optional extension to the wand that comes included with every R2 Training Kit.

The two sizes you be able to have are 12" and 19.5". The 12" length is very good for smaller tanks like 10gal. The 19.5" size is great for deeper tanks, like 20gal, 55gal etc.

You won't be disappointed!


Josh said...


When might this wonderful product be ready for sale? Are there any older versions that might be for sale? Those sorts of questions. I'm super curious becuase my fiancee loves goldfish and this is the absolute perfect thing for her.

Dr. Dean Pomerleau said...


You are in luck! The new R2 Training Kit is available now. To found out how to get it for your fiancee, check out She'll love it!

Tell her happy fish training from me, and let me know if she likes her gift.