Thursday, January 10, 2008

Finalizing the 'Feeding Wand'

I continue to be very impressed by the level of care for details our partners at R2 Solution are putting into the design of the soon-to-be-available R2 Fish School Training Kit.

Lately, I've been collaborating closely with their designers and engineers to finalize the geometry of the food chamber. The food chamber is located at the tip of the feeding wand that comes with the kit. It is where food is placed to reward your fish when he (or she!) performs a trick. Here is a picture (taken from the full color instruction manual that comes with the kit) of dropping a flake of food into the food chamber.

With this quality workmanship and attention to detail, I've found using the feeding wand to train Comet and Brainiac has been a real breeze. I'm confident other people will find it easy to, when the kit becomes available to purchase in stores and on-line, starting in early February. Stay tuned!


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