Thursday, January 24, 2008

Comet - The Next Goldfish Cracker Mascot?!

The other day I was thinkin' - those cute Goldfish crackers have always had a playful connotation, and they are the perfect shape...

I wonder if the folks at Pepperidge Farms (who make them), might be looking for a real smart goldfish mascot to compliment Finn, their cartoon mascot?

Figured it was worth a try, so I sent the following message to the people at Pepperidge Farms via their "Contact Us" page:


I love your "Finn & Friends" goldfish cracker promotion. You've got some very smart and talented cartoon goldfish!

Have you ever considered pairing them with some REAL smart goldfish? I've trained lots of goldfish to do cool tricks, including the current Guinness World Record holder, who can perform 9 tricks, including soccer, limbo, football, swimming through hoops and tunnels, and even playing fetch!

Don't believe me? Check out our 'Fish School' website - Be sure to check out the Axe Deodorant TV commercial we did, and the video of our latest fish Comet. Comet is a common goldfish that looks a lot like Finn, and can do some REALLY impressive tricks.

If you are intrigued, I love to talk with you about it!

We'll see if they respond!


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