Sunday, December 30, 2007

Reintroducing Tank Decorations

As we suggest in the manual and DVD included with the soon-to-be-available R2 Fish School Training System, it is best to keep your tank relatively free from decorations during initial training, since decorations can be a distraction for your fish. This is exactly what we did with Comet, as you can see from this still image from the DVD.

But an empty tank is pretty boring, for you to look at, not to mention for your fish to live in! Fortunately, once you fish has learned, you can reintroduce the decorations and make your tank beautiful again. That is exactly what we did with Comet's tank a few days ago. My favorite decoration is this statue of two Easter Island heads. Pretty cool huh?! As you can see, Comet was a little intimidated at first, but he quickly got used to them.

Also note that since we made the Fish School DVD, we've removed the black background from Comet's tank. The background made the photos and video clearer, but I think Comet likes being able to see out the back of his tank, as well as the front. Plus, the clear back allows the Fish School webcam to get a very nice view of the tank.


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