Saturday, December 1, 2007

Manufacturing Partnership - Hurray!

For several years, my son Kyle and I (pictured below):

have been training our pet fish in our basement.

Our dream has always been to offer people not just the know-how, but also the equipment required to teach pet fish. For a while, we offered crude, homemade fish training kits made out of parts such as thumbtacks, rubber bands, and drinking straws from Starbucks. But these kits were hard to build, and not very effective.

So we teamed up R2 Solutions, a respected manufacturer of aquarium lighting products, to develop a real pet fish training system we enthusiastically agreed. After many months of development and testing (which unfortunately pushed the system's release past the holiday season), the R2 Fish School Training Kit is finally done.

Boy is it cool!

As you can see from the picture below, it includes over 20 training accessories. Also included is an incredible instructional DVD (starring me and Kyle) along with a full-color manual – everything you need to teach your fish amazing tricks

These kits will be available on-line and in stores nationwide starting in February. For more details, visit R2's website on the product, at:

That is only two months from now, and we're very excited. We'll be providing updates with more details, including where you'll be able to by the new kit, as the release date approaches.


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